Niagara Economic Development and Niagara Health open doors for local businesses through South Niagara Hospital Project

Niagara Economic Development and Niagara Health open doors for local businesses through South Niagara Hospital Project

Niagara Economic Development has partnered with Niagara Health to highlight Niagara businesses in preparation of the South Niagara Site construction phase.
In preparation for the successful project team awarded to design, build, finance and maintain the South Niagara Site, a new online tool will connect the project team with local Niagara businesses able to supply services or materials for the project.
Using Niagara Economic Development’s recently launched interactive Niagara Business Directory, the filtered list of business categories will allow the pre-qualified teams to search for Niagara businesses by sector, municipality, size and other variables encouraging them support local businesses and suppliers.
When constructing the St. Catharines Site, the project directly and indirectly supported and created approximately 5,400 jobs, many of which were in Niagara, with an estimated 1,000 workers on-site daily at the peak of construction. As a larger project, the South Niagara Site could bring even more opportunities for Niagara businesses.

Data for the Niagara Business Directory was gathered through a voluntary annual Niagara Region Employment Inventory that gathers information on all of the Region’s brick and mortar businesses. Individual businesses have not been vetted or endorsed by Niagara Health, Niagara Region or Infrastructure Ontario


“Our businesses in Niagara have the skills, the talent and the passion needed to make significant contributions to this major project, which will have a lasting impact on our community. I look forward to seeing our local businesses not only benefit from this project, but also make their mark on this new local landmark.” ~ Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley

“We are very excited that the South Niagara Site will provide Niagara businesses with an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the region. Each stage of planning and development provides additional opportunities for innovative partnerships with municipalities, our healthcare partners and the community.” ~ Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO of Niagara Health

“One of Economic Development’s most important roles in our community is making the right connections between government and businesses that will help our economy thrive. Collaborating with Niagara Health is one way we can connect Niagara’s businesses with the significant economic opportunities this project will create.” ~ George Spezza, Director, Niagara Economic Development

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