Population of 450,000 and an accessible labour market of over a million workers within commuting distance.

Niagara’s workforce is skilled, sophisticated and ready to help companies succeed. The many benefits of living in Niagara is motivating an increasing number of Torontonians to trade the bustle of the big city for the wonder of wine country.


With a population of 450,000 and an accessible labour market of over a million workers within commuting distance, Niagara can meet the need for almost any type of skilled labour. Hassle-free Nexus Pass border crossings create opportunities to recruit from the US. The extension of daily rail routes with GO Train service to Grimsby, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls means that within just a few more years Niagara’s cities will be an easy ride away from one of North America’s top tech talent pools.

Niagara’s rich manufacturing heritage has created a proud community of skilled labour with ready-to-go experience in fields like precision machining, electrical and connectivity, hydraulics, and power distribution. Other strong talent pools that have developed in response to business needs include food processing, agriculture, financial services, tourism, education and healthcare.

Canada’s immigrant-friendly visa programs for technical workers and the over 355,000 immigrants that arrive in Ontario each year help employers tap into a more diverse pool of highly skilled labour to find the exact expertise they need.

As the world of work changes to adapt to new technology, Niagara’s two post-secondary institutions, Brock University and Niagara College, have their fingers on the pulse of the region’s core industries, ensuring programs and training initiatives are closely aligned with industry needs.


accessible labour market


of residents between the ages of 25 – 64 have post-secondary education

Convenient access to a workforce of more than 1 million people within 50km

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