Welcome to the Niagara Business Directory South Niagara Hospital Project Category List.

In preparation for the successful bidder (Project Company) awarded to design, build, finance and maintain the South Niagara Site, Niagara Region has teamed up with Niagara Health to identify categories of businesses that could have opportunities to work on the project.

The list of categories will allow the successful company building the new hospital to easily identify and source from local Niagara businesses. The bidders (including the Mechanical, and Electrical Contractors) are pre-qualified; however, Niagara Health does not pre-qualify suppliers and procurement proponents are expected to conduct their own qualification assessments.

Data for the Niagara Business Directory is gathered through a voluntary biannual Niagara Region Employment Inventory that gathers information on all of the Regions brick and mortar businesses. Don’t see your business?  Let us know

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