Our mandate is to promote Niagara on a global scale and to work in partnership with the region’s 12 municipalities to provide effective, innovative services that encourage investment in and travel to the region, along with business support services to attract, maintain and increase jobs in Niagara.


Connect with a member of the Niagara Economic Development team. We can help you access the many free and confidential services, programs and incentive available to businesses both inside and outside the region.

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We work closely with the 12 municipalities as well as associations and chambers of commerce to make great things happen. Let us make recommendations to get you started on your networking efforts.

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Economic Development Strategy

We continue to support Niagara’s economic growth while focusing on strengthening our competitive advantages and tackling our challenges. Our Five Year Strategy guides us in this effort.

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Niagara Ambassadors

The Niagara Ambassador Program engages local business and community leaders and all of the cheerleaders for Niagara to promote our region as a great place to do business.

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