Welcome to the interactive Niagara Business Directory.

Researched and produced by Niagara Region Economic Development and Planning divisions, this tool allows both businesses and residents to access all that Niagara has to offer.

The Niagara Business Directory provides a snapshot of the business community and allows an in-depth analysis of the companies that are located in our Region.

Search for businesses by sector, municipality, size and other variables.

Businesses can search for connections by sector, municipality, business size and other variables that allow them to do a targeted search among the hundreds of businesses listed on the site. The site also allows customers to find and connect with businesses in their area, encouraging them to shop local and support Niagara’s business community.

Please send any questions, comments or accessibility requests to info@niagaracanada.ca

Data for the Niagara Business Directory is gathered through a voluntary biannual Niagara Region’s Employment Inventory that gathers information on all of the Regions brick and mortar businesses. Don’t see your business? Let us know.

South Niagara Hospital Project

Interested in the new South Niagara Hospital Project? Click here to view the categories of businesses that could have opportunities to work on the project.