With 130 million people located within a one-day drive, Niagara is an ideal location to easily connect with customers and suppliers.

Strategically situated in the midst of Canada’s industrial heartland and on the cusp of the US urban northeast, Niagara is located within 800 km (500 miles) of 130 million people. Load up your products, send the trucks on the road and within a day they can be ready to unload in your choice of cities located within 2 provinces and 9 states with a GDP worth $5.6 trillion. The region is expansive and made up of 12 municipalities including Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, its largest urban centre.


5 international bridge crossings

within 30-minute drive

Key transport link

between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean

130 million population

is within a 1-day drive

3 international airports

within a 1-hour drive


Thanks to its ideal location between Canada’s largest city and one of the most populous regions of the US, over time Niagara has become a critical centre for international trade in North America. While there are over 100 border crossings between the US and Canada, goods that crossed the five borders located in Niagara in 2016 accounted for 14% of all goods traded between the two countries.

Location and Distance to Markets

Metropolitan Area Distance Population
Toronto 100 km 5.9 million
Detroit 350 km 5.9 million
Columbus 565 km 4.3 million
New York 650 km 20 million
Philadelphia 650 km 6.1 million
Boston 775 km 4.6 million
Chicago 830 km 9.5 million


The Niagara Region is a central location to many major cities.