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Doing business in Niagara has never been better.

While Niagara is one of North America’s most popular tourism destinations, a growing number of businesses and individuals are deciding to make their journey here a one-way trip. With easy access to both the Greater Toronto Area and the United States, a highly skilled and educated workforce, and an open-for-business attitude at all levels of government with the results to prove it, the case for doing business in Niagara has never been better. Add in the fact that it’s a truly incredible place to live, and Niagara’s exciting growth comes as no surprise.

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Strategic Location

Toronto: 122 km. Columbus: 565km New York: 650 km. Philadelphia: 665km Boston: 750km. Chicago: 830 km. With half of North America’s population located within a one-day drive, Niagara is an ideal location to easily connect with customers and suppliers.

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Economic Trade Corridor

Niagara plays a critical role in the successful flow of goods, services and people between Canada and the United States. With over $100 billion worth of trade making its way through the region each year, it’s no wonder Niagara was Ontario’s first designated Foreign Trade Zone.

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Cost of Doing Business

Competitive labour costs and taxes, encouraging incentives and low property costs make Niagara an easy and affordable place to do business. How affordable? Niagara is Ontario’s second most competitive region for doing business according to KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016.

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With 1.86 million people located within less than 50 km, Niagara’s talent pool runs deep. Recent investments in public transit and highways means even more employees will be arriving ready to work via one of North America’s shortest and most scenic commutes.

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Niagara’s world-class post-secondary and research institutions are committed to connecting and collaborating with businesses in the community, and have helped incubate millions of dollars in innovation that is driving industry in the region forward.

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Research and Innovation

With an incredibly robust research infrastructure, easy access to a deep pool of technical talent, affordable office space and locally focused venture capital networks, Niagara is a wise choice for agents of change wanting to have a little change left in their pocket.

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Niagara offers residents a quality of life like no other thanks to affordable home ownership, great schools, a vibrant cultural scene, outstanding recreational amenities, easy access to Toronto and stress-free commuting throughout the region.

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Niagara Business Directory

Researched and produced by Niagara Region Economic Development and Planning divisions, this tool allows both businesses and residents to access all that Niagara has to offer.

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