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For businesses that support the shipment of goods and people, having a home base in Niagara makes solid sense. Niagara offers close proximity to many of the largest cities in Canada and the US, connecting them via highway, rail, water and air and allowing them to quickly access world markets. The experienced pool of talent that supports Niagara’s transportation and logistics sector know what it takes to deliver the goods.


The success of Niagara’s transportation and logistics sector can be attributed to a number of factors. For companies involved in the transport of goods across the border between Canada and the US northeast, it offers a strategic location that places them within just a one-day trip of cities in two provinces, nine states and half of the North American population.

A robust road, rail, marine, and air infrastructure and easy access to intermodal terminals, border-related support services and border-related logistics activities make an even stronger business case for a Niagara address. Add in Niagara’s low land costs and it’s no surprise that there are well over 400 businesses and almost 1000 self-employed in the transportation and logistics sector.

From big names like CN and CP to customs brokerages, freight forwarders, third-party logistics providers and trucking companies, there is a wide variety of sector stakeholders leveraging Niagara’s strategic location and well-developed infrastructure.

As one of Canada’s designated Foreign Trade Zone Points, transportation and logistics businesses located in Niagara are able to tap into a range of programs designed to support companies that import and export goods in becoming more competitive through tax and duty exemptions and deferrals.

Niagara College offers a part-time Supply Chain and Logistics Management program that delivers the knowledge for graduates to effectively manage the supply chain process from planning, sourcing, producing and delivering products and services – training them to be successful in positions including Warehouse Manager, Distribution Centre Supervisor and Supply Chain Manager.


Niagara is a vital link for trade between Canada and the United States. Learn more about how the Niagara Foreign Trade Zone helps companies access the federal, provincial and regional programs that support Canada’s export development efforts.


Learn more about the diverse range of funding and support programs available to transportation and logistics companies in Niagara.

Robust road, rail, marine, and air infrastructure

Affordable Land

for warehousing


transportation & logistics businesses


employed in the sector



Notable Transportation & Logistics Employers

435 transportation & logistics businesses

7,000+ employed in the sector

Ontario's 1st Foreign Trade Zone Point

$3.9 billion manufacturing exports

$219million wholesale trade exports

$108 million agricultural exports

$12 million transportation/warehousing exports

$27 million construction exports

4 major highways

2 commercial vehicle border crossings

1 million truck crossings each year

2 class 1 railways

1 international rail crossing

7 airports within 10 to 100km

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