Heddle Shipyards brings life to Port Weller drydocks

Heddle Shipyards brings life to Port Weller drydocks

Heddle shipyards acquired the Port Weller drydocks in 2017 and today the docks are undertaking extensive maintenance work on two large bulk carriers, at the same time, a sight that hasn’t been seen in years.

Recently the company went from 20 employees to 150 in the span of four weeks.

According to Kirkpatrick (business development manager for Heddle), the core group of workers who stay year-round are local. But many people in the winter crews come from all over Canada, including Newfoundland, Alberta and across Ontario and Heddle needs more workers.

To help overcome the skills shortage, Heddle is working with Mohawk College to provide potential tradespeople some hands-on experience. Heddle is planning a similar program with Niagara College beginning as early as this summer.

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