Tregunno Fruit Farms are grading peaches by the pixel

Tregunno Fruit Farms are grading peaches by the pixel

Source: The Grower

Tregunno Fruit Farms, located in Niagara on the Lake, is the largest peach grower in Ontario and has evolved to become a significant leader in technological innovation for the sector. They have been sharp on industry trends and have looked at ways to improve processes and bring in new technology that best suits their business.

Tregunno have recently built a new 225 foot-long facility that handles their product in a straight line, so that they can minimize incidents of bruising or damaging fruit before packaging.

They have also installed the industry leading Compac sorting technology and Spectrum grading platform, which takes pictures of every single fruit that comes down the production line. This allows them to be able to remove any fruit with dents or imperfections, long before they are packaged and delivered to consumers.

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(Photo Credit: The Grower)

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