Stevens Green officially opens in Fort Erie

Stevens Green officially opens in Fort Erie

Source: Fort Erie Economic Development & Tourism Corporation

Fort Erie is celebrating the opening of a new cannabis facility. Stevens Green opened its newly built 59,000 square foot facility in Stevensville.

Stevens Green is a craft, at scale cannabis cultivator with a focus on wholesale cultivation and boasts 10 licensed grow rooms totaling 25,000 square feet of space. From cultivation, production, Health Canada testing and distribution, Stevens Green oversees the entire meticulous process from seed to customer. Currently operating with 25 skilled employees, the company is growing and utilizes lean manufacturing principles to control labour costs and to mitigate contamination risks.

What sets the Stevens Green facility apart is its ability to generate and recycle energy and water. The facility features a tri-generation system which supplies energy in the form of electricity, heat, and chilled water, all from a single fuel source. Tri-generation systems present significant economic and environmental advantages through fuel efficiencies, reduction of energy costs, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by up to two-thirds than that of a traditional design. The tri-generation system provides Stevens Green with the ability to generate and supply up to 2.3 megawatts of uninterrupted energy. Additionally, the design of the facility’s grow rooms allow for the recovery of 85% of the water that is provided to plants daily through a de-humidification process.

Photo credit: Fort Erie Economic Development & Tourism Corporation

From left to right: Marco Marrone, Bill VanHaeren, Tim Tykolis, Terry Tykolis, Marianne Tykolis-Casey, Mayor Wayne Redekop, and Jennifer Maccarone

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