Entrepreneurial Spirit

As an entrepreneur, one of Sohail’s greatest talents is finding value in things. He recently returned from a trip to Denver, and one of the things he’s most excited to tell us about is just how little he paid for a flight – less than $300 return (from Buffalo, NY). His home in Niagara Canada is just a short drive to the Buffalo airport, making it a perfect jumping off point for would-be travellers. But close proximity to cheap flights is just one of the many aspects that makes Niagara a hidden gem for Sohail.

“Niagara is the perfect place for young entrepreneurs. There are resources, opportunities and best of all, customers. You not only have Niagara residents but the millions of people living nearby in the GTA and across the border in the US.” Sohail has taken full advantage of these benefits, having started multiple businesses before the age of 25.

He started his first business in high school, a highly successful tour company, which he sold (and is still in operation today). His current business, is a car dealership that is focused on students looking to buy, sell and trade. This business also happens to employ many students in the region.

“There is just a great energy here for entrepreneurs. You can feel it. Young people are excited about the opportunities and we all just feed off each others energy.”

If you’re looking to feel that entrepreneurial energy, maybe it’s time to consider Niagara.

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