200 Dain Avenue, Welland

200 Dain Avenue, Welland, Ontario L3B 3E5
Zoned for Large Industrial Use


Key Highlights:

200 Dain Avenue in Welland is an exceptional industrial investment opportunity. The property offers two large warehouse units, ideal for manufacturing and general industrial use. Recently upgraded with a new roof, siding, insulated panels, and LED lighting, the facility is move-in ready as of October 2023. Featuring high ceilings (25’-33.7’), multiple 5-10 ton cranes, and extensive shipping doors, it supports various industrial operations. Located along the Welland Canal, it provides excellent connectivity, being 7 minutes from HWY 406 and 15 minutes to the QEW. The site also offers ample parking and a 1000 amp power service.

Total Land Area:
64 acres
Existing Building:
Yes, suitable for large industrial uses
Permitted Uses:

In the City of Welland, industrial zoning permits a variety of uses aimed at supporting manufacturing and industrial operations. Permitted uses include general manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, assembly plants, processing facilities, and research and development establishments. Additionally, the zoning allows for uses such as heavy equipment sales, rental and service, repair and maintenance services, and logistics hubs. The zoning regulations ensure that the land can accommodate diverse industrial activities, providing flexibility for businesses to establish or expand their operations within the city’s industrial zones.

Access to Market

Proximity to Expressways:
Within 5-10 km
Proximity to Airport/International Border:
30 min drive
Proximity to Regional Transit Hubs:
Within 50 km


Serviced Natural Gas:
Available Delivery Pressure Up to 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm2)
Serviced Telecommunications:
Minimum up/down data capacity 10 Mbps
Serviced Water/Wastewater:
Minimum 25,000 gallons per day (90,000 litres per day)
Serviced Hydro:
Proximity to Industrial Recycling:
60 min drive

Available Incentives

Within Niagara Economic Gateway Zone:
Within Community Improvement Plan Area:
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Investment Opportunity

200 Dain Avenue in Welland is a prime investment opportunity for industrial and manufacturing businesses. The property features two large warehouse units with high ceilings (25’-33.7’) and multiple 5-10 ton cranes, making it ideal for heavy industrial use. Recent upgrades include a new roof, siding, insulated panels, LED lighting, and heating. With excellent connectivity, located along the Welland Canal and close to HWY 406 and QEW, it supports efficient logistics. The site also offers ample parking, extensive shipping doors, and a 1000 amp power service, ensuring it meets diverse industrial needs.

200 Dain Avenue, Welland
200 Dain Avenue
Welland, Ontario
L3B 3E5