100 Hayes Road, Thorold

100 Hayes Road, Thorold, Ontario L2V 1L8
Zoned for Large Industrial Use


Key Highlights:

100 Hayes Road in Thorold is a prime industrial property offering exceptional investment opportunities. Situated along the Welland Canal and featuring rail access, it provides excellent transportation logistics. This strategic location is close to provincial highways and the U.S. border, making it ideal for manufacturing, distribution, and other industrial uses. The property’s proximity to major transportation routes ensures efficient connectivity for supply chain operations, enhancing its appeal for businesses looking to capitalize on the region’s robust infrastructure and economic growth. With its industrial zoning and prime location, 100 Hayes Road is a standout site for industrial development in Niagara.

Total Land Area:
50 acres
Existing Building:
Permitted Uses:

In the City of Thorold, industrial zoning permits a variety of uses including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, processing, and fabrication. Other allowed activities include repair services, research and development facilities, and logistics hubs. The zoning supports diverse industrial operations, making it suitable for businesses seeking a strategic location with robust infrastructure.

Access to Market

Proximity to Expressways:
Within 5 km
Proximity to Airport/International Border:
30 min drive
Proximity to Regional Transit Hubs:
Within 50 km


Serviced Natural Gas:
Available Delivery Pressure Up to 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm2)
Serviced Telecommunications:
Minimum up/down data capacity 10 Mbps
Serviced Water/Wastewater:
Minimum 25,000 gallons per day (90,000 litres per day)
Serviced Hydro:
Proximity to Industrial Recycling:
60 min drive

Available Incentives

Within Niagara Economic Gateway Zone:
Within Community Improvement Plan Area:
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Investment Opportunity

100 Hayes Road in Thorold presents a prime investment opportunity for manufacturing. This 50-acre industrial property boasts an exceptional location along the Welland Canal, with rail access enhancing logistics capabilities. Close proximity to provincial highways and the U.S. border ensures efficient transportation and supply chain operations. The site’s industrial zoning supports a variety of manufacturing and industrial uses, making it an ideal location for large-scale manufacturing facilities. Capitalizing on the region’s robust infrastructure, this property offers significant potential for businesses seeking to expand their industrial footprint in Niagara.

100 Hayes Road, Thorold
100 Hayes Road
Thorold, Ontario
L2V 1L8