NWIC becomes region’s largest rural internet provider

NWIC becomes region’s largest rural internet provider

Niagara’s rural internet coverage just got a little better.

The Vineland-based internet service provider NWIC recently acquired Last Mile Wireless in a move that now makes the company the single largest provider of high-speed internet in rural Niagara.

Scott Holmes, CEO of NWIC said the acquisition is a perfect fit for the company, and will now mean more coverage than ever before for rural Niagara.

“Collectively, we will now service around 5,000 customers in the rural parts of the Niagara Region, with over 70 sites of high- capacity internet connectivity”

Established in 2003 and based out of Fort Erie, Last Mile Wireless provided both businesses and residences across the region with broadband access, and historically, had a positive relationship with NWIC.

Larry Chartier, director of sales and marketing for NWIC said one of the biggest benefits of the Last Mile acquisition will be access to new technology NWIC hopes to incorporate into its existing service.

“Last Mile had some different technology that complimented what we were doing. The way we are set up as a rural provider. NWIC already had its own sites, and Last Mile had its own sites, so being able to have access to that as well, only increases our ability to connect everyone in the region.

“At this point now, there are not many people we can’t give service to, so that is a huge step for us.”

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