Niagara Economic Development 5 Year Strategy

Niagara Economic Development 5 Year Strategy

Over the past year, Niagara Economic Development has been consulting with the Niagara community on the economic future of the region.  Our local educational and research institutions, businesses, industry associations, chambers of commerce and community stakeholders have brought forward their experiences, ideas and passion for the region.

This collaborative effort helped to identify the areas where we excel, and the gaps that need to be addressed in the regional economy.

Niagara Economic Development’s role is to support the growth of Niagara’s economy and ensure competitiveness. The five year strategy that has been developed for 2019-2024 focuses on continuing to strengthen our competitive advantages, while tackling the challenges that impact our business environment and infrastructure.

The journey forward is very much focused on building, and ensuring that we have the right pieces in place to ensure growth and prosperity. How we continue to build a robust, forward-thinking, and growing economy is work that is collaborative, multi-faceted, and complex. And it’s work that we are excited to be a part of.

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