Niagara Celebrates European Union Day

Niagara Celebrates European Union Day

Niagara Region Economic Development was proud to host a delegation of 16 Consuls General from the European Union, Ukraine as well as a representative from the European Union Delegation (Embassy in Ottawa) yesterday to celebrate European Union Day.

To commemorate the occasion, a flag-raising ceremony was held at the International Plaza of the Niagara Region Headquarters. The ceremony was attended by various dignitaries and partners from Niagara’s business community, highlighting the strong ties between the European Union and Niagara. The flag-raising symbolized the European Union’s motto, “United in Diversity,” and served as a powerful reminder of the importance of peace, unity and collaboration.

Brock University, in honour of the delegations visit, hosted a reception and tour of the Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute. During the reception, a new $2,000 grant was presented by the European Union Consuls General in Toronto for a Brock University student to continue their education at any post-secondary institution in the European Union. This grant is a testament to the strong partnerships and collaborations between our regions, and the commitment to fostering academic excellence and cultural exchange.

The visit culminated in a reception at the Niagara Parks Power Station, where dignitaries and various partners from Niagara’s business community networked and discussed trade and market opportunities in Europe. Guests toured the Power Station, the first major power plant in Canada, featuring immersive exhibits, restored artifacts, and interactive storytelling. The visit was an excellent opportunity to showcase Niagara’s rich cultural and historical offerings and to highlight the benefits of increased cooperation between our regions. The reception served as a valuable platform for building new relationships, exploring innovative ideas and strengthening existing partnerships.

Niagara Region would like to thank all those involved in the visit, which highlighted the many opportunities for collaboration and growth between the European Union, Ukraine and Niagara.​


“I am pleased to see Niagara Region celebrate European Union Day with the visit of Consuls General from 16 European countries. This visit underscores the importance of our relationship with the European Union and the shared values that bind us together. Partnerships like these are crucial for the growth of our economy, and I look forward to seeing the benefits this collaboration will bring to our region.” ~ Jim Bradley, Chair, Niagara Region

“The Niagara Region is a most vibrant part of southern Ontario with many ties to the European Union, be they cultural, economic, academic or political. To further develop our connections, the European Union Consuls General are delighted to celebrate European Union Day in Niagara once again.” ~ Lars Henriksson, Hon. Consul General, Sweden

“I am delighted that Niagara Economic Development has partnered to host the delegation of Consuls General from the European Union. Our strategic collaborations like this help to bolster Niagara’s economy and foster trade and investment opportunities with the European Union, which is the second-largest trading partner of Ontario.” ~ George Spezza, Director, Niagara Economic Development

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