Grow Ontario: a provincial agri-food strategy

Grow Ontario: a provincial agri-food strategy

Ontario’s agri-food sector is and always will be a cornerstone of our thriving economy. Ontario’s farmers, food processors, grocers, transporters, and every partner along the agri-food supply chain generate $47 billion in provincial gross domestic product (GDP), and employed one in ten Ontarians in 2021. It is critical that Ontario maintain and grow this sector to ensure a stable, safe, high-quality, food supply and fuel sustainable economic growth.

Grow Ontario is the province’s plan to strengthen the agri-food sector, fuel economic growth, ensure an efficient, reliable, and responsive food supply and address ongoing agri-food sector vulnerabilities through new innovations.

This strategy outlines actions to build consumer confidence, support farmers and processors, increase yields, promote Ontario-grown food, grow the agri-food talent pool, and strengthen the food supply chain – while increasing the commercialization and adoption of innovative new technologies and practices that enhance competitiveness, add productivity, create economic growth, and strengthen the sector.

Grow Ontario outlines three key priorities:

  • strengthen agri-food supply chain stability
  • increase agri-food technology and adoption
  • attract and grow Ontario’s agri-food talent

Grow Ontario provides a plan to enhance Ontario’s food supply chain and address vulnerabilities, with research and adoption of innovative new technologies and practices that enhance competitiveness. These actions will help to build consumer confidence and reinforce Ontario’s position as the food leader in Canada.

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