Niagara leaders draft plan to deal with second wave of COVID-19

Niagara leaders draft plan to deal with second wave of COVID-19

In a show of solidarity, Niagara’s municipal leaders released a plan to help the region get through the pandemic’s second wave.

On Friday, the 12 mayors and regional chair met virtually to discuss the community’s pressing challenges as COVID-19 case numbers continue to rise.

In the letter, they acknowledged the alarming increase of pandemic-related deaths in more than 50 per cent of Niagara’s long-term-care homes which continue to see outbreaks.

They agreed that this is a critical point for Niagara in its effort to stem the spread of the virus and its impact.

Firstly, they will explore the sharing of resources to strengthen their response where needed and appropriate.

They further agreed to call on the province to ensure front-line health-care workers and residents in Niagara have equal access to vaccines compared to other parts of Ontario.

Realizing paramedics’ critical work, the Region will push for them to be added to the priority list of health-care workers across the province who will receive vaccines.

Niagara is also asking for the province to be more transparent in its plans to distribute the vaccines. Niagara’s municipalities affirmed their commitment to sharing information in a timely and accurate way.

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