Airbus creating 500 new jobs in Canada this year — some at its Fort Erie facility

Airbus creating 500 new jobs in Canada this year — some at its Fort Erie facility

This article was originally posted on The Niagara Falls Review on February 24, 2023 and can be viewed here.

Airbus says it’s creating 500 new jobs this year in Canada — some of which will be at its Fort Erie site — as it looks to increase A220 aircraft production.

The European-based aircraft maker said it’s looking to hire more than 800 new employees in the country this year including about 500 for new positions.

About 700 of the new hires will be in Quebec, said the company in a press release issued this week. While it did not provide exact figures, Airbus confirmed some of the new jobs/positions will be at its Airbus Helicopters Canada site on Gilmore Road in Fort Erie.

The jobs come after Airbus said it hired more than 800 new employees — with more than half for new positions — in 2022.

The company and its subsidiaries have more than 4,000 employees at 10 sites and offices in Canada.

In addition to the A220 program and Stelia Aerospace in Mirabel, Quebec, the company’s Canadian operations include Airbus Helicopters Canada in Fort Erie and Navblue in Waterloo.

“It’s excellent news for the Canadian aerospace industry,” said Dwayne Charette, president and chief operating officer at Airbus Helicopters Canada in Fort Erie, in an email statement.

“This massive recruitment campaign adds to Airbus’ success story of more than 4,000 employees nationwide, with 250 highly skilled employees in Ontario for Airbus Helicopters Canada and its centre of excellence for engineering and composite manufacturing.”

Reza Sarbavzatan, controller, pricing and costing for Airbus Helicopters Canada in Fort Erie, said he chose to work for the company because he “always wanted to work in the aviation industry.”

“As a newcomer to Airbus, part of what inspired me to join the company are the Airbus values,” he said in an email statement.

“At Airbus Helicopters Canada, I work with great people and I enjoy the workplace culture and environment. I’m very happy that I joined this amazing company a short time ago. I look forward to a long career here.”

In the press release, the company said the new hires are “essential” to maintain its position as a “leading player” in the Canadian aerospace sector, ensuring the full potential of the A220 and supporting the “decarbonization” of air transport.

Airbus’s recruitment needs in Canada are “diverse,” said the company in the release, ranging from helicopters to defence, space to commercial aircraft — from sub-component assembly to flight operations — and include production and quality, engineering, IT and customer service.

Two-thirds of the workforce will be in support functions, while one-third will be in production.

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