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Renewable energy is just one of many ways the region continues to innovate.

From the Welland Canal to Nikola Tesla’s ground-breaking work in electrification, Niagara has a proud history of innovation and strong networks between industry, academia and government that are committed to keeping that legacy alive. Niagara’s incubators, innovation centres and research institutes are harnessing the collective power of academic insight, private sector perspective and public sector support to propel Niagara’s economy into the future. Since 2011, Niagara has seen double-digit job growth in sectors like computer systems design, scientific research and development, and architecture and engineering.


The thundering Falls have inspired more than Niagara’s tourism industry. Since Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse harnessed the power of the Falls to build the first hydro-electric plant and jump start the electrification of the world, Niagara has gone on to become an icon of renewable energy. Today, Niagara’s Sir Adam Beck II Generating Station is Ontario Power Generation’s largest capacity hydroelectric station. Along with Sir Adam Beck I and the Beck Pump Generating Station, Niagara has a combined hydroelectric capacity of 2,119 MW, guaranteeing sufficient renewable “green” power accessibility.

But renewable energy is just one of many ways the region continues to innovate. From cutting-edge bio scientists to digital media game changers, Niagara excels at supporting technical talent and enterprise in a way that propels businesses from surviving to thriving on the global stage.

In a 2016 study of business competitiveness in 115 North American business centres, Niagara Canada ranked third in digital services and 18th in research and development.

Ten of Canada’s esteemed Canada Research Chairs call Brock University home and are conducting paradigm-shifting research on a diverse range of topics, including plant biotechnology, green chemistry and bioinformatics. To help ensure the region’s economy benefits from the cutting-edge research taking place at Brock University and Niagara College, educational partners are active participants in a wide range of business incubators and accelerators including:

Innovation Centres

Incubators, Accelerators, and Entrepreneurship Hubs

Business Support Centres


Niagara’s close proximity to Canadian technology hot zones like Toronto and Waterloo, gives businesses in the region access to some of the continent’s top talent. Niagara’s affordable housing prices and appealing wine country lifestyle is proving a powerful motivator for attracting technical talent. Since 2011, being on the receiving end of the GTA’s “brain drain” has created double-digit job growth in key technical sectors, including:

  • Computer systems design and related services: +47.5%
  • “Other” professional, scientific and technical services: +28.3%
  • Specialized design services: +24.5%
  • Architectural, engineering and related services: +17.7%
  • Scientific research and development: +13.5%


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Ontario’s largest

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3rd most competitive North American centre

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18th for R&D

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