PTL 3 & 4 Bertie Street

PTL 3 & 4 Bertie Street, Fort Erie, ON
Zoned for Large Industrial Use with Limitations


Key Highlights:

This 120 acre parcel is one of the largest available for sale in Niagara.

Ministerial Zoning Order permits a wide range of permitted uses making this a unique development opportunity.

Site also benefits from $28 million in recent water and wastewater infrastructure investments.

Total Land Area:
112 acres
Existing Building:
Yes, suitable for large industrial uses
Permitted Uses:

The current Urban Entertainment Centre zoning allows for a wide range of uses including:

  • Horse Racetrack and Equine Centre
  • Gaming Activities
  • Accommodations (hotel, motel, lodges)
  • Recreational Uses (eating establishments, taverns, theatres, places of entertainment)
  • Professional and Business Offices
  • Manufacturing and Food Processing Facilities

Access to Market

Proximity to Expressways:
Within 5 km
Proximity to Airport/International Border:
30 min drive
Proximity to Regional Transit Hubs:
Within 50 km


Serviced Natural Gas:
Available Delivery Pressure Up to 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm2)
Serviced Telecommunications:
Minimum up/down data capacity 10 Mbps
Serviced Water/Wastewater:
Minimum 150,000 gallons per day (550,000 litres per day)
Serviced Hydro:
Proximity to Industrial Recycling:
60 min drive

Available Incentives

Within Niagara Economic Gateway Zone:
Within Community Improvement Plan Area:
More About Gateway CIP

Investment Opportunity

This prime development offers an unparalleled +-3,000 ft. frontage along the QEW and is minutes from the Fort Erie – Buffalo border crossing. This is a great location for any company that requires close proximity to the U.S. border, but a Canadian address. Any exporter investing in Canada can take advantage of Canada’s lower dollar in comparison to the US dollar. Niagara is also one of only a few Foreign Trade Zone Points in Canada, providing you with a dedicated point of service to access Federal export-orientated programs.

For those looking to take advantage of the property’s unique Urban Entertainment Center zoning this property allows for the development of an entertainment district that is less than twenty minutes from the world renowned Niagara Falls.

This makes for unique opportunity for any company, investor, or developer that needs to be strategically located to major urban markets of Toronto, Buffalo, and Rochester.


PTL 3 & 4 Bertie Street
PTL 3 & 4 Bertie Street
Fort Erie, ON