340A Lakeshore Road

340A Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines, Ontario L6T 0B5
Zoned for Large Industrial Use


Key Highlights:

The property is located on the east side of the Port Weller Dry Dock, which is currently being operated by Heddle Marine. It’s unique location allows for direct access to the Welland Canal. This would allow for the direct shipping and receiving of goods via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Total Land Area:
17.6 acres
Existing Building:
Yes, suitable for large industrial uses
Permitted Uses:

Currently zoned E2 and permits both heavy and light industrial uses in addition to potential office and research facilities. The zoning permits the following uses:

  • Contractor’s yard
  • Heavy Equipment Sales and Service
  • Light Industrial Use
  • Heavy Industrial Use
  • Transportation Depot
  • Office (as an accessory use)

Access to Market

Proximity to Expressways:
Within 5-10 km
Proximity to Airport/International Border:
60 min drive
Proximity to Regional Transit Hubs:
Within 50 km


Serviced Natural Gas:
Available Delivery Pressure Up to 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm2)
Serviced Telecommunications:
Minimum up/down data capacity 10 Mbps
Serviced Water/Wastewater:
Minimum 150,000 gallons per day (550,000 litres per day)
Serviced Hydro:
Proximity to Industrial Recycling:
60 min drive

Available Incentives

Within Niagara Economic Gateway Zone:
Within Community Improvement Plan Area:

Investment Opportunity

340A Lakeshore Road is located beside the Welland Canal and has the possibility for direct access to the Welland Canal. There is an existing three bay section and office that total 107,660 square feet. All three shops come equipped with cranes to facilitate the manufacture and movement of goods. The property has been used for marine operations in the past and most recently for the construction of wind turbine towers.

This property is strategically located on Lake Ontario for companies requiring to move large goods via the St. Lawrence Seaway west to Duluth, Minnesota and west to Quebec or Europe.

More Information

More Information
340A Lakeshore Road
340A Lakeshore Road
St. Catharines, Ontario
L6T 0B5