Offers EnviraMist is the Gold Standard in Electro Chemically Activated (ECA) sanitizers. This product is up to 100 times more effective than bleach, 1500 times more effective than alcohol and outperforms all other sanitizers on the market today.

EnviraMist kills 99.999% of all viruses, bacteria, spores and mold. Including the Human Corona Virus.

EnviraMist, is an all-natural, green, organic, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-corrosive, environmentally and ecologically safe sanitizing and disinfecting solution. It is produced from the ECA electro chemical activation of water, salt and electricity, a patented process. The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process requiring cleaning, disinfecting or sanitizing, it kills 99.99% of all viruses, spores, mold and bacteria in one single application. EnviraMist is proven to be more effective than Virox, 100x more effective than bleach and 1500x more effective than alcohol.

  • Health Canada DIN certified
  • Agricultural Canada Approved
  • FDA Approved
  • EPA Approved
  • 100%Organic
  • On The Canadian Natural Health Products List.