The COVID-19 pandemic has had immediate consequences for health care practitioners, many of whom have suspended or significantly curtailed their practices because of social distancing protocols. Henry Schein is committed to being there to support those customers who are treating patients now and doing all to we can to ensure that our customers emerge strong once the crisis lifts.

As the situation persists, our attention has naturally turned to helping our customers plan for the resumption of care. Our efforts are designed with one purpose in mind: to fulfill our brand promise that you can “Rely on Us.”

Fully stocked with the loveliest assortment of handmade (local!) cloth masks 😷.

Masks are $12 and have space to insert a filter if you wish.

Be kind and considerate

VYKAN is proud to have created this Covid-19 PPE product that includes latex-free headbands, anti-fog material, and a one size fits all design. Our shields meet Health Canada standards and licencing.

We look forward to helping businesses prepare for the months ahead, as we re-open our storefronts and offices with the right precautions.

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