If you are looking for a place to introduce new products, ideas or methods into your business or marketplace, the Niagara region offers an environment well-suited for innovation. 

Niagara is a region that has built itself on innovation and forward thinking, from the construction of the Welland Canal to connect the U.S. Midwest to the European and world market. Niagara was also home to the first electrification through the advancement and commercialization of Nikola Tesla’s research in power generation. As a result the Buffalo/Niagara regions have been leaders in innovation. Niagara is ideally situated to help any business further its research and development projects.

Niagara also has two post-secondary education institutions, Niagara College and Brock University, that actively provide support in research and development, innovation and business advisory services to start-up and existing businesses. 

Niagara Research and Innovation is the applied research division of Niagara College that conducts projects that provide solutions such as producing and testing prototypes, evaluating new technologies and developing new or improved products or processes for businesses.  They operate the following applied research centres: Agricultural & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre, Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre, and Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre.

The Niagara region is also home to one of the 17 Regional Innovation Centres in Ontario, Innovate Niagara.  Innovate Niagara is also part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) and is a node of the Canadian Digital Media Network.

Niagara is also home to a variety of business incubators and accelerators including the Generator at one (interactive digital media), iHub Niagara (educational technology), and BioLinc (biosciences and student entrepreneurship). 

Additional services and resources that exist to support innovation include NC Takeoff at Niagara College (student entrepreneurship), Business Innovation Zone in Niagara Falls (small business), and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Lincoln (horticulture). 


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